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For the protection of your personal details, we take the security of our website seriously. As such we request a verification process. This process is relatively simple; however, some browser settings may cause issues unless everything is entered correctly first time for each captcha code issued.

IN SHORT (tl;dr)

1) Enter details correctly. All starred () boxes and ticking the privacy policy are required.

2) You have 1 attempt per "captcha code". You need a new code for every attempted registration.

3) After any failed registration you will need to refresh your browser.

4) If after trying everything detailed below, it may be easier for some to try from a different browser (Chrome, Safari, Edge), or a different device (PC, Mac, tablet or phone).

If you are still struggling please review the more detailed version below:-


The 5 main points to note, before you press "continue".

1) All boxes highlighted with a red star () must be completed.

2) The email address must be in a recognised format.
(example: j.bloggs@preciousnewbornknits.co.uk)

3) The "password" and "password confirm" must match.

4) You must tick the privacy policy box to confirm you agree to the terms (near bottom of page).

5) The random verification code (captcha) must be entered correctly (see below).

Only 1 registration attempt is allowed per captcha code.

To try again the page must be fully reloaded (hard browser refresh). You will know the page is properly reloaded if the captcha code is different from the previous one. If it is the same then the page has not fully reloaded.

The issue here is that some browsers cache (remember) web pages that you visit and when you re-visit the same web page, instead of requesting a fresh page from our server, they simply reissue the same page we sent you previously.

The captcha code is randomly created every time the page is sent to you, but if your browser resends you the old page with the old code, our server will not accept it.


Captcha 1) The text should only be a mix of numbers and letters. No special characters such as "=+*/-", etc.

2) The letters you enter should all be in lower case. So "abcdef" not "ABCDEF".

3) The letters will only be in the first 6 letters of the English alphabet ("abcdef"), so no "g", "h", "i", "m", "n", "o", "z", etc. they are not valid.

This means, if you see a character that looks like the letter "O", it is actually the number zero "0".

So 9E36AO is invalid but 9e36a0 would be OK. Note, in this example, lower case letters only and the last character is a zero.

Please also note if you try again the captcha code you tried before is likely to be different so you would need to try the new verification code shown on the registration page.

If the code is not different you will need to force the browser to refresh until you get a new code.


F5 If you encounter problems registering, then it may be necessary to try again but with a different verification code. The verification code is changed every time the page is loaded from our website.

Every time you leave a web page by closing the browser or visiting a different page, when you go to the page again the code may be different, because the page may be "re-loaded" and the code is randomised again.

While still on a page though there are other ways of "re-loading" a web page.

1) On a computer the first is to refresh the browser by clicking on the refresh icon (small circle/circular arrow near the top of the browser).

2) On a computer, on most browsers, press and hold the "control key", then press "function key 5" (F5), usually at the top of your keyboard (F1, F2, F3, F4, F5, etc). You should see the captcha code change each time you do this, if it works.

3) On a mobile phone, most browsers, hold the pad of a finger on the screen then drag your finger down the screen, is a common way to reload the page.

Hopefully one of these methods will refresh your browser providing you with a fresh captcha code to try again. If not, you may need to find out how to do a hard refresh of your browser page.


For some, it may just be simpler to try registering on a different device, which you have not attempted to register from previously. You should then be able to bypass the registration page on the original device, and simply log in from any device including the one you could not register with. As long as you remember your log in details.

And finally, whilst registering does have its benefits, you do not need to register in order to either browse or purchase from this site.

We apologise for any inconvenience that may occur while trying to register.